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Oathbound of the Dúnedain
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Oathbound has merged with Band of Brothers
Our Story
Many have bound themselves to the Númenóreans in ages past through Oaths of Fealty and Pledges of Honor and Duty. Many have failed to uphold these oaths. We are the few. Númenor has long since fallen, but the line descending from them remains amongst the Dúnedain. As evil spreads and the numbers of those Dúnedain wane trying to hold back that evil in these dark times, aid has been called for as it has in ages past against the great enemies of Middle Earth. We answered that call. We are Oath-Keepers. The honorable few who stay true to our Oaths in aiding the Dúnedain. We come from the races of Dwarves, Elves, Men, Small-folk, and even have the aid of the children of Beorn. We shine our light on the shadows that crawl across the land. We bring hope, where all hope has been lost. And above all, we bring to justice those who have no honor. We are the avengers of oaths broken.
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Celefinion / Jul 01, 2016

After a discussion between our active kin members we have come to the conclusion that we cannot revitalize and/or sustain this kin. Therefore we have decided to merge with our allied kin, Band of Brothers and leave this kin as a storage kin.Please...

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