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Oathbound of the Dúnedain
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  • We at our core answer to each other. This is a partnership in the fullest from every recruit, member, officer, to the leader.
  • The leader answers to the officers, each officer answer to the members.
  • Our goal is to help make everyone better at their class, their craft, this game, and maybe a little better in life if possible.
  • We will not tolerate drama. Period.
Our Vision
  • The vision of the Oathbound of the Dúnedain is to strive to offer something for every one of our members, create a family-like atmosphere, and remain a down to earth, casual experience for all.
  • This is a game, and while we may have to grind our way to the top, it should be done with friends enjoying the adventure together. Our jobs are work enough. Our games should not be.
How to Join
The Oathbound of the Dúnedain is in need of those willing to take the Oath!
  • To join, submit an application to this site.
  • pm an officer in-game
  • send an in game mail to an officer and they will get back to you as soon as possible
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Current Leadership
Leader: Beldonis
Successor: Evealynda
  • Erkenban
  • Celefinion
  • Healfin
  • Valdborn
  • Arvarthorn
  • Mellingost
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Update as of 3/26/16

Acting Leader: Celefinion

Acting Successor: Mellingost

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