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Should We Move?

Beldonis / Aug 24, 2015
Greetings one and all!

At the kin party I proposed to those online the possibility of moving the kin. As many of you know, server mergers are coming, and with it the ability to move an entire kin. The process sounds like they have made it painless. The only issue is reaching everyone, that I see.

My reason for asking is Brandywine will have no new transfers to it for several months. No incoming players from closing servers for a while. All the transfers will be going to one of the other four remaining servers. This could disadvantage any growth I plan, plus is just an annoyance as I wanted old kinmates and our characters to transfer in. Moving us solves this issue.

It also keeps us together. Sacredharp announcing his move means more than just his leaving, but many good allies that have known him longer than us. If the kin can move, we keep these bonds together and allow for better growth by bringing in the influx of others transferring into the remaining servers without having to wait months for Brandy to open up.

My proposal is to move us all to Arkenstone. Each person will have to move individually, but can be placed right back in the kin with nothing lost if we move. I won't do this unless we have a super majority of the kin (those who have logged in fairly recently) agree. A poll will be put up on the kin site, and I also ask you to respond or mail me back with your vote, questions, or concerns.



This is a really good idea! I don't know much about Arkenstone but it would kind of give me the boost to get me back into LOTRO again. Been so busy with work and life (also the crazy weather were having in UK! crazy!) its been a nightmare.

Is it free or do you have to pay for the transfer of characters?
YES! It is absolutely free for the time being. Transfers among the 5 servers that are remaining are free and the only thing that will be open at first. Only Brandywine will not allow transfers to it, but transfers from it will be allowed. Later on within the next month they will open the floodgates and start allowing people to transfer off the closing servers onto one of the four remaining. Brandywine will still stay closed until they move it to new server hardware, and by the time they do that, transfers between the remaining servers to stay open will cost money again. Here are the two developer diaries from Turbine on Transfers and Kin Transfers:

World Transfer Announcement
Kinship Transfer Guide

How long will the voting last?
I'll keep it open for probably another week or so. Like I said, I'd really like to try and hear from as many as are active or recently active to get a fair vote and let everyone's voice be heard. I know they are closing transfers later today, but that would be a rush and stretch to get everyone to move so soon and suddenly if we do move. But it will reopen later in September or October which is better so we aren't rushed and everyone can move when ready.
I'm game for the move8)
i think i already have a malifyr pm there. bit i have to check

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