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We will move!

Beldonis / Sep 23, 2015

I believe I have heard from enough of the active members to have a definitive decision of yes, we will move. So, we will indeed move to Arkenstone when the servers are reopened for transfer among the remaining staying open. So be sure to read this article: Kinship Transfer Guide

Essentially, to stay in the guild without losing your join date or rank or anything, I have to transfer first and then once I've confirmed my characters have transferred to the new server, the rest of you can do the same. Again, read the instructions if you get a chance. There's no definitive time for when they will open up transfers again, but talk is sometime in October. I'll announce more when they say something on the lotro forums.

This should be an exciting new chapter for our young kinship! The new server promises new friends, and rejoining old friends as well for many members!



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