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We move Friday!

Beldonis / Oct 14, 2015
Brandywine is open to transfer off of it. Rather than delay the move any longer I want to start it this weekend. I will be moving first off of Brandywine on Friday when I get home from work, so sometime around 5-6 PM Central Standard Time. According to Turbine, the kin leader must move first and have been confirmed moved before anyone else can do so and still be in the kin. If you move before I am able to confirm my move, you may not end back up in the kin after the transfer and will have to be re-invited. Transfers appear to be taking roughly 3 hours or so as I moved some alts already to test.

Again, we are moving to Arkenstone. If you have any questions, please check this website, or feel free to message me or ask here in the forums. See you all in game and soon on Arkenstone!

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My transfer completed, the kin is back up on Arkenstone!

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