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Oathbound of the Dúnedain
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(Aug 03, 2015)
Closing servers announced.
(Jul 31, 2015)
Woohoo. Upgraded to Windows 10 and ready for some weekend lotro!
(Jul 27, 2015)
Will link in a forum post
(Jul 27, 2015)
FYI, Developer Diary on Server Mergers coming this year, starting August 3rd. However, Brandywine not available to move to until it's put on new hardware.
(Jul 25, 2015)
Hope everyone is well, come August i should have more time for lotro. did manage to get ingame and check out the kinhouse, very nice , look forward to exploring middle earth with you all soon
(Jul 24, 2015)
New poll up
(Jul 21, 2015)
summer festival started :D
(Jul 08, 2015)
Noooooo. . .sorry to hear. I hope it gets fixed soon
(Jul 07, 2015)
My internet is down, don't know when it'll be fixed maybe offline for rest of the week :(
(Jul 07, 2015)
So that DN run was fun. :D Once we got past Flagit
(Jul 02, 2015)
New poll up!
(Jul 02, 2015)
Would anyone be up to see if we can get enough on Sunday to run Dar Narbugud? Say in the 1 PM to 3 PM timeframe?
(Jul 02, 2015)
hobnanigans is back, more free maps to the bree area
(Jun 24, 2015)
Woot! Glad they reduced your ban!
(Jun 23, 2015)
I'm back :)
(Jun 20, 2015)
If anyone was on earlier wanting to run Moria stuff, I'm sorry I wasn't on at the start time. I got stuck in some bad traffic on my way home. Over two hours, was brutal.
(Jun 20, 2015)
If enough are on at any point before the actual start time, feel free to start some of the moria stuff if you want!
(Jun 15, 2015)
New event planned for this weekend! Signup!
(Jun 10, 2015)
Aaaand, we have a kin house!
(Jun 09, 2015)
Spring Festival will suck away my soul before its over. . .MUST GET HORSES!!!